The race is presented by the Jewish Federation to benefit the "Know Your Neighbor Program" which is part of the Mifalot Education and Society Enterprises.

Our ‘Know Your Neighbor’ program was designed by Mifalot educational professionals to provide both conflict resolution instruction and life-skills training for Jewish and Arab youth (both male and female). It utilizes the power of football, a shared and beloved language between both communities.

Over 2000 Jewish, Arab, Palestinian and Jordanian childeren impacted in 2014


Click Here to See the Thank You letter from 2015!




The race is also benefit local Chattanooga program called the "Operation Get Active" . 

"Operation Get Active" is a health initiative that uses the game of soccer to encourage youth to live active and healthy lifestyles. We aim to inspire and educate youth across Chattanooga about the importance of health, fitness and nutrition. 

Operation Get Active is a ten week long program which run’s in the Spring, Summer and Fall. We deliver two, one hour sessions a week and Operation Get Active is currently this spring we are working in eight different locations across the city at elementary schools, private community centers and city of Chattanooga recreation centers.
We are currently reaching 200 kids in the program.

Ultimately, our goal is to encourage participants to maintain regular exercise throughout the rest of their childhood and into adolescence. Using soccer as our tool, we seek to introduce a diverse group of children to sport and in doing so, expect to reap the benefits of not only physical activity, but also teamwork, social skills, and leadership. And for those that show a keen interest in soccer, we hope to provide a pathway for them to continue participation in the sport be it at school, in local teams, Highland Park Commons, or even the CFC academy/team”.